Specializing in selecting, training and bringing along young event horses, Steph has a lot of experience with young, problem, or green horses. She can help you develop a positive relationship with your horse or select your future event/dressage horse.

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Steph is available to train both horse and rider. SKE is based out of Waredaca, a top class facility with an Elementary through Intermediate cross country course, a large indoor and multiple outdoor arenas, and expansive turnout pastures. It is the ideal location for the development of event horses and riders.

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Boarding & Training

Steph offers boarding and training programs designed to fit with each individual horse and rider. Based at Waredaca, riders and horses have access to top class facilities.”

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About Steph Kohr Equestrian

Steph is an upper level event rider and trainer, having ridden internationally through the Advanced/CCI*** level and coached students up through the Preliminary/CCI* level. She specializes in bringing young horses and students of all ages up through the levels of Eventing and Dressage. Steph always focuses on building  strong partnerships and positive experiences for both horses and riders.

An  'A' level Pony Club graduate, Steph is also an ICP Level II instuctor and has spent time riding in England and Holland with top international Eventers, Show Jumpers and Dressage riders. She trains regularly with top Eventing and Dressage trainers- always working to continue her education.

Steph is based out of  Waredaca Farm in Laytonsville, Maryland. Waredaca is a top class Eventing barn which hosts multiple recognized and starter events each year. Steph has students of all levels and takes horses for training, sales, and competitions; Steph is also available to coach at local events.

From January to March, Steph is based out of Rocking Horse Stables in Altoona, FL. There are multiple opportunities to compete in Florida in the winter, and Steph’s students have the option for their horses to stay in Maryland or go south for the winter.

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